STH 1400 – Lateral Telescope handling

Areas of application

Economic extraction and assembly processes from injection moulding machines can be achieved with the STH 1400. The simple and thus cost-effective design is the core of this machine. Our focus lies on the essentials: stability and functionality.


•   Max. traverse speed 5m / s
•   Max traverse path 2m
•   Max parts weight 20 Kg
•   Telescope-axis system

•   Includes the machine frame and safety enclosure
•   Emergency off system
•   Includes 2 gripper circuits and 1 de-moulding circuit
•   Includes conveyor clocking

•   Teach-in-control


•   C-pivot axis, pneumatic
•   vacuum circuit
•   enhancements for control I / O


•   Low space requirements due Telescope axis
•   flexible adaptation, even on different machines
•   low investment costs
•   quick unloading times for the complete equipment
•   stable design
•   no machine adapter needed